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I Left My Old Account Behind After Experiencing How Fast FIOS is

Verizon Fios Support Internet NumberAfter years of not loving the service I was receiving from my cable provider, I decided to take a look around to see what other companies offered Internet, cable and phone in my area. I have to admit that some of the tech terms were very new to me, but that is a positive thing because it meant that newer advancements had come about that were waiting for me to learn more about them. In fact, I had not heard the term FIOS before, so I spent a little time learning exactly what it was.

It turns out that this type of service is not available in all states yet. However, I checked, and I am lucky enough to live in one of the states that has it. Basically it is fiber-optic Internet, and it is faster than the traditional service I was used to getting over copper lines. It looks like work is being done to get it rolled out in many more states soon.

After reading some very positive things about it online, I decided to try it out at my house. But I also made sure to keep my other account with my cable provider, in case I was not happy with the new service. Continue reading

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Regularly Update Your Company’s Web Design

To download the wallpaper to your iPad, just hold your finger on the ...Coming up with good web design ideas can be a challenging prospect on your own. Although websites are great and user friendly and you visit them often, the creation and development of them is still quite complicated and it is best to leave it to design professionals. This is especially true for businesses that are medium sized and above. In terms of building your company’s brand, it is not a good idea to have a website that is subpar compared to your competition. It is best to keep on top of your company’s web design needs and address them on a yearly basis to make sure you are keeping up to date with the latest trends. Hiring a web design firm will be the best course of action to help you tackle all the development solutions that your company needs.

In today’s internet focused world, it is important to have a somewhat sophisticated website. It needs to have a comprehensive profile of your company and the divisions it has and the services it offers. Not having a website containing this makes your business stand apart from the rest in a negative fashion. Many businesses are aware that their website is the first point of contact for many things including potential clients and future employees. To this end, you want to invest in your company’s image through its website. Have one that is up to date with the latest software and one that properly reflects the industry you are in. It is also a place where you can include detailed contact information and many companies are now including direct links to their company’s social media profiles on other sites as well to help with facilitating communication. It is best to remain as current as possible or you will only have to catch up that much more as things only get more technologically advanced.

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Started Thinking About Moving to a Larger Headquarters

When my father started the business it was based in our basement back in the West Side of Manhattan. Now we have a pretty substantial headquarters on Long Island, but the place is far from ideal. It is an old structure for one thing and the energy bills are quite unacceptable because of the lack of modern insulation. The lease shall be up in about 10 months so we are going to start thinking about whether or not we want to lease more space, purchase an exist structure or have a new headquarters designed specifically for our needs. I am leaning toward the latter two options.

Paying rent does not appeal to me now that we are in a position to find our own place. Continue reading

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